Gnowledge Christmas Giveaways!

Christmas Giveaways

iPhone 4S winner

Thong Chia Sheng

138 Tests Taken

Mystery Gift Winners

Tan Sok Eng

123 Tests Taken


49 Tests Taken

Regina J

46 Tests Taken

Oscar Sierra

34 Tests Taken

Diego Guzmán

34 Tests Taken


31 Tests Taken

Carla Martínez

30 Tests Taken


30 Tests Taken

Siti Nadiah

29 Tests Taken

Nor Arfah

29 Tests Taken

Our grand prize winner came from Kota Bharu, Malaysia. Form 4 student Thong Chia Sheng managed to take a staggering 138 tests within the contest period, and we personally delivered his iPhone 4S to him! Check out the pictures below.

Thong Chia Sheng, The iPhone 4S winner

The Christmas Gifts, iPhone 4S and mystery gift.

Mystery gifts winners

Gnowledge is planning to give away more Apple products, which includes another iPhone 4S and the hotly rumoured iPad 3. Full details to be unveiled, but rest assured that these fabulous items could be yours very soon.

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