Our vision

"To democratize education by advocating community-generated content and assessment for every conceivable syllabus worldwide at Gnowledge."


Everyone is a student for a time period in one's life. As a student, we practise exercises, do coursework and sit for exams. This applies to all students worldwide, regardless of the syllabus. We aim to democratize education by advocating community-generated content and assessment for every conceivable syllabus worldwide. What does this mean?

We want you to be able to access our whole breadth of exercises and test papers for free! You can search by title, subject, grade, school and/or country, so finding exactly what you need to practise on is easy.

You will also get the opportunity to be an influencer! Share your expertise by creating exercises or test papers and pass these on to others so that they can learn from you too. Anything you publish can be accessed by anyone who logs onto Gnowledge.

We hope to empower you and the world to help yourselves and each other. Let us all democratize education so that we may be better students in academics and in life together.

Benefits for Educators

3 Ways that Gnowledge helps you teach
We understand that your students' needs are paramount, and that's why Gnowledge has been designed to make it easier for you to help them out and for you to conduct your own classes.
You can create your own test paper on Gnowledge that your students can take. These test papers last forever, so you can use it for your classes in the future too!
Gnowledge marks and records test papers automatically so that you can focus on teaching your students.
If you're pressed for time and need some material, why not browse through all of the available tests and find something that you can use for your students? Tests published on Gnowledge are free for anyone to access, so you can find a test paper that you can assign to your students.
We hope that we will be able to help you teach your students and conduct your classes better. Look out for more features to come as we unveil more ways that Gnowledge can help you along in the near future.

Benefits for Students

2 Ways that Gnowledge helps you score better
No matter what your skill level, there is always room for improvement. At Gnowledge, we want to provide you with the best tools that can help you achieve this.
You will be able to take any test paper at your own pace. Gnowledge lets you take any test paper, and you can do this without worrying about time limits. Even better, you can save your progress so you only need to worry about your knowledge and skill.
Upon completion of a test, Gnowledge will allow you to see test answers, use this to see if you understood the question and answer properly. Gnowledge will also keep a history of your results, allowing you to gauge your performance over time and see if you're really making strides.
With both of these features in place (amongst others), we believe that you will definitely have an improved result over time in your studies. Best of luck to you!

Benefits for Parents

3 Ways that Gnowledge helps you guide your children
Parents are vitally important in the upbringing of a child's life, and we want to bring you closer to your child's education. Your time is important, and so we've made sure to try and help you out a little in bringing you closer to your children's education:
Use Gnowledge to gauge your children's aptitude. Gnowledge marks and tracks the results of any tests that your children take on Gnowledge, so you'll be able to know just how well your children are doing.
You can create or assign tests that are just right for your children. This helps if your children are struggling with a particular subject or topic.
If you're a busy type of parent, Gnowledge helps you assign work to your children even if you're not around. Since everything is stored online and you think your children could use the extra push while you're not around, why don't you assign them a few exercises so that you can check when you have the time?
Ultimately, we believe that you as a parent hold a great deal of influence over your children's education, so we want to ensure that you find it easy to do just that.